ok, that's all great...but can they cook?

When they're not making high latitude voyages or delivering sailboats, Jesse and Samantha love to cook and eat. Both have taken numerous culinary classes over the years. Samantha is the primary chef aboard. She cooks a wide variety of foods, preferring fresh, local ingredients for making classic, unfussy, delicious fare. Indian, Asian, Mexican and North African flavors color the menus aboard Extraordinary. Jesse's specialities are fine sauces in the French tradition, paired with fresh Alaskan seafood.  We're excited this year to be offering locally sourced, pastured-raised beef, lamb and free-range chicken to complement the locally caught fish and seafood we serve. 

Have diet constraints? No problem. We'll make sure your menu is tailored to your preferences. Gluten-free, lactose-free, vegan, soy-free, vegetarian and paleo diets can be accomodated. 

We serve a variety of non-alcoholic beverages including various sodas, sparkling waters, juices, herbal teas and coffee. Let us know your preferences and we'll stock up for your trip. While alcohol is not included, you are welcome to bring your own. We can make suggestions on good wines to pair with your trip menus and where to get liquor locally. 

Some menu samplings:

Breakfasts - Greek yogurt parfaits with homemade granola and blueberries, Alaskan sourdough pancakes, Southwest frittata and fruit salad, German-style muesli, Breakfast casserole, Morning glory breakfast muffins. Coffee, of course. Tea, as well. 

Lunch - Beef or vegetarian pho with noodles, Ginger carrot soup and homemade biscuits, Chile and corn bread, Quesadillas with Chicken tortilla soup, Bagels topped with smoked salmon with cream cheese and capers. 

Appetizers - Sizzling Spanish-style garlic shrimp, Halibut ceviche with homemade rosemary crackers, Grilled eggplant a la Russe, Gazpacho and cheddar puffs, Rockfish tacos, Various charcuterie, and a classic: toasted, sugared pecans with grapes and brie. 

Dinners - Soy-glazed halibut with basmati rice, Catch of the Day baked in a maple-ginger sauce (usually salmon, sockeye or coho) served with rice ramen, Moroccan-style lamb ragu with quinoa, Braised beef with mashed potatoes and green beans for those rainy days, Nori scallops and roasted broccoli with sticky rice, Chicken and cherry tomatoes with polenta, Sweet Potato and red lentil curry.

Desserts - Strawberry ices with chocolate lava cakes, apple upside-down cake (served hot), fresh fruit and oatmeal cookies, Puffed apple pancake with cinnamon-ginger sauce, Banana-bourbon maple cake, Berry pie with orange & almond streusel, Roasted nectarines with pistachio topping.