3 Nights Resurrection Bay Discovery

This unique three night voyage takes you out into Resurrection Bay and into the Kenai Fjords National Park. Join us aboard Extraordinary as we sail into this majestic piece of rugged Alaska coastline. 

Sip your morning coffee from the deck of the boat and take in the mountain scenery. Epic isn't urban slang anymore, in vistas like these. 

We carry aboard both single and double kayaks, so that you and your family and friends can enjoy paddling the serene waters while we sit at anchor. This is a rare chance to intimately take in the details of the shoreline habitat. There will be something different to explore each day -  we'll take you to a new anchorage each night.

World class birding awaits on this trip as we sail by colonies of puffins, murres, terns, gulls and other species of waterfowl. Of course, no trip to Alaska's coast would be complete without mention of the spectacular whale watching. Humpback whales frequent Cape Aialik and orca, Dall and harbor porpoise ply the fjords. We provide individual binoculars, so everyone can join in spotting wildlife.

Sea Lions near Cape Aialik

Sea Lions near Cape Aialik

We also provide guided beach walks in bear-inhabited areas, so you can relax and enjoy this pristine area of Alaska. A motorized dinghy makes shore excursions simple and easy.

This three night sailing voyage begins at noon on the first day, ending at noon on the 4th calendar day.


Waterfall land excursion.

Waterfall land excursion.

First Night

Departing Seward Harbor at noon, we will sail southbound into Resurrection Bay, choosing a suitable anchorage by early evening. Anchorages in Resurrection Bay are many and varied, providing any combination of evening excursion opportunities before and after dinner onboard.


Relax under our viewing enclosure as we travel under sail.

Relax under our viewing enclosure as we travel under sail.

Second Night

Our second day will begin with breakfast as we prepare for departure to an anchorage outside Resurrection Bay. We will travel around Cape Aialik, where whales and seabirds are frequently spotted. Lunch will be served under way as we make our way to one of the numerous protected anchorages west of Cape Aialik.


After dinner, the evening will be spent relaxing and or exploring, far away from day tour and fishing boat traffic. Playing music, cards, games and telling stories onboard are a popular way to finish off the evenng.

Anchorages are many and varied in the Kenai Fjords National Park.

Anchorages are many and varied in the Kenai Fjords National Park.

Third Night and final day

Day three will find us sailing among the Chiswell Islands, where sea lions, birds, whales and a wide variety of marine wildlife congregate. From these still, protected waters, we will enjoy a view of the Gulf of Alaska into the open sea and its unbroken horizon to the south.


By early evening we will return into Resurrection Bay. Choosing a fresh anchorage to relax in, until morning.

Departing early on the final day (fourth calendar day) we will arrive at the dock in Seward by 12 noon to disembark.

Getting to Seward, Alaska

Seward is easily accessible by road and rail. Flying into the Anchorage airport (Ted Stevens International Airport), it's an easy drive or train ride from there to Seward.

How to get here by vehicle.

We are located in Seward, Alaska, in the Seward Boat Harbor. To get here from Anchorage, drive south on the Seward Highway for approximately 125 miles. The drive is scenic and enjoyable, taking between two and three hours depending on traffic and or road construction. If you are in a rental car, make sure you stop at Girdwood (30 miles south of Anchorage) to refuel, as there are no other fueling stations until you arrive in Seward.

Once you arrive in Seward, pass the Safeway store and take the first left off the highway onto Port Avenue, followed by an immediate right onto 4th Avenue. This will lead you to the boat harbor where we will be docked. Let us know you are here with a phone call, text or e-mail and we will help you move your luggage aboard with our dock cart. Long term parking is available – arrangements must be made with the parking office on location at the top of the ramp. Again, we can help you with these logistics, just let us know.

How to get here by train.

The Alaska railroad offers trips from Anchorage to Seward. The train stops very close to the boat harbor - one block away. We will meet you at the train station and help you with your luggage. Just send us your itinerary and we will make sure to be there when you arrive.

We suggest booking your train ride after your reservation aboard has been confirmed and secured with a deposit. The train is busy in summer and it may be difficult to change reservations.

Once on board, we will show you to your stateroom, where you can relax, settle in and prepare for an extraordinary voyage!